Thursday, June 25, 2009

books arrived!

I was so excited when I received Mylien and Nick's press print book. I had designed a custom made guest signature book that contains a collection of their engagement photo session. The guests are invited to write their best wishes and advices on the book at the wedding ceremony/reception. If you are looking for an alternative guest signature book for your wedding, this is one great and meaningful option.

The layout and wordings are totally customizable. The book is in 8x10, 4-color printing on 100 lb silk finish paper with black linen hardcover and laminated 4-color dust jacket. Additional sizes are available.

The little 7x7 photo album for Noelle had arrived at the same time as well. It is so cute. Slightly different from the Mylien and Nick's guest signature book, Noelle's book is in photo-wrapped hard cover.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Joyce,
    I just started following your blog! I love your style...
    These books looks amazing! Can I ask where you order them from or am I over-stepping my boundaries?? They look gorgeous! I have used in the past to build some albums.

    Also - your new CD package is so cute!