Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet & Savory Bakery

Sweet and Savory is finally opened in San Marino. I met the cafe proprietor, Dora Liang when we were taking baking class at Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom in Los Angeles. Pharmacist turned baker, Dora is always passionate about quality feel-good food. YES! Dora was a pharmacist which already explained her great potential in formulating and executing awesome bake goods recipes for her bakery/cafe.

I already made Dora sounds like a Nazi in baking but she doesn't stick with the originals only. She develops her recipes to a higher level and differentiates her baked goods and food from others. The most popular lunch item at the cafe - Curry Chicken Salad is a good example. The chicken is tender, not dry and the blend of curry/spices with mayo is just perfect. Toasted cashew nuts are added for crunch. If you order it as a sandwich, it comes with a side salad and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The dressing is not vinegary at all and it has mustard seeds in it for extra kick.

chocolate cupcake (left) and red velvet cupcake (right)... carrot cupcake (in my tummy)

Baked goods.... I had the most amazing carrot cake at Sweet & Savory. The pineapple makes the cake moist and flavorful. Dora doesn't have fancy dots and mountain high frosting on her bake goods. Her cakes are so perfect by themselves already. With just the right amount of frosting and filling, Dora brings the cakes back to the center of the stage.

The food is extremely fresh and only the finest ingredients are used (yes! butter.... I'm very sure that Dora uses one of the best butter and cream on earth for her baked goods). Most importantly, it's the passion and hearts from the owner and staffs preparing the food. The bakery design is clean and modern with fresh floral displays. I adore the little details that Dora had put in to her bakery/cafe. Dora's attention to details is very thorough from her food, store design, branding, to decorations. I would love her to expand a little bit more so there are more dine-in seating. The bakery/cafe is pretty new and the staffs are still working on the flow of the operations. Please be patient if you are waiting your food there. If Dora serves Italian coffee, it will totally win my heart.... I still prefer Italian roast coffee over German roast.

Sweet & Savory
2142 Huntington Drive
San Marino CA 91108

Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom
2366 Pelham Ave
Los Angeles CA 90064

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