Thursday, July 9, 2009

evan | 6 months old

We took Evan out for a little walk in a community park between his nap time. It was a sunny afternoon with gentle breeze. The weather was so nice and the session was so sweet and enjoyable.

Evan is 6 months old now. He got so much bigger and stronger than the tiny 3 months old baby that I saw a while ago. Evan begins teething too. He chews and gums down on anything he can get his mouth around these days. It's amazing to see all these little things but major milestones in a baby's first year. During a baby's first year, the baby undergoes astounding transformation. It's such a fascinating experience for me to capture all these precious details for Evan and his family. Evan's mom saw Noelle's photo album on my blog and she was asking me about the details for Evan's album. Evan still have two more sessions to go (9 months and 1 year) before his first-year album can be completed; but honestly, I can't wait to work on his album. We already have some good ideas for Evan's next session and I look forward to seeing the bigger Evan in a couple months.

Check out some of my favorites from the session.

And now,... I need to go back to finish processing pictures for Johana and Gabriel's wedding. Check back later for pictures of a beautiful wedding at Long Beach. Have a nice weekend.

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