Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hotel Maya | Long Beach

When Asian fusion and modern vintage (Kelly Wearstler and similar) themed hotels are done all over the place, modern Latin American themed hotel design is absolutely a breath of fresh air. Although it's not a new idea, its vibrant, eclectic, and hip factors can absolutely make Hotel Maya to become one popular waterfront venue for weddings and other commercial events. Formerly Coast Long Beach Hotel, Joie de Vivre acquired the hotel and reportedly invested in a 20-million face lift to reinvigorate this waterfront property. This property includes a private water canal and I heard that floating cabanas at the water canal is part of the design proposal (swanky!). I will definitely come back to check it out when the renovation is finished.

Hotel Maya
700 Queensway Dr, Long Beach
CA 90802
(562) 435-7676

Designed by: DPS interiors and Arya architects

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